365 in 2013 - holtarts

August 11

We covered a lot of ground today. It started out like the Brunch Village episode of Portlandia. We had a place we'd intended to get food, but the wait was over an hour. So, we walked next door and the place was practically empty--PLUS they had some great live jazz going on! The internets had good reviews, so in we went. Totally worked out.

We also visited Deschutes Brewery, where we did more flights and got wobbly enough for an afternoon. We showed Shelby and Spenser the massive bookstore and floated around a bit more. After they left back for Seattle, I found the best pizza in Portland. Some place called Apizza Scholls. The wait was crazy long there too, but luckily there wer a couple of Mid Century furniture stores across the street. Perfect!

The pizza place only has a set amount of dough each day because it takes 24 hours to prepare. While we waited they ran out of dough and had to start turning people back who tried to get on the list. Luckily if you're on the list you have a pizza reserved for you. It was SO YUM!

So yeah basically I'm gonna be really fat when we get home.

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