365 in 2013 - holtarts

September 29

Wow, we're home already! We got up and left this morning around 8 and stopped pretty quickly at this terrible diner that I guess has become a tradition to stop at. We coincidentally ran into Keith there and shared an awkward moment as my family sat down in the booth directly behind him.

I spent the trip home editing 365 pictures, which thankfully i was able to download successfully just in time. I actually got all the way caught up, including pictures from yesterday! Tonight some people came over to watch Boardwalk Empire, but I had to huddle back in my office like a sad little hermit as I cram-edited the Kickstarter video, which I DID manage to finish. Hooray!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some feedback in time to make changes before we leave for Holland. Thursday! Woah!

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